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Technology Blinders

posted Jun 25, 2010, 5:18 AM by Chris Temples
The people in the technology scene have a problem.  We think everyone is like us.  We think that people always want the newest gadget.  That they actually know the difference between gigahertz and gigabyte; and aren’t actually wooed by the fancy labeling and numbers on every electronic gadget in the store.  Sadly we are mistaken.  The evidence of this is seen all over the place.  Take the Kin for example everyone that is tech savvy has discounted it said it was worthless.  Just for a second look at the Kin from someone who still thinks having a Hotmail account is cool.  It takes all of your friends from Facebook and Twitter and gives you a super easy way to keep in touch with them.  Then to sweeten the deal you can access everything about your phone online.  For someone who grew up with Facebook and Twitter this has got to be the closest thing to Nirvana they will get.  While I still think the Kin will fail, mostly due to price, the concept behind it is pretty good.  A second example of the blinders is the Apple vs Google smartphone war.  Read a few blogs and in no time you will be convinced they both the leaders in the smartphone world.  However a quick look at the most recent survey shows that RIM has them beat. To the gadget nerd it makes absolutely no sense, they have a horrible browser, hardly any apps worth having and have that stupid trackball.  However, to a normal person this makes perfect sense. Blackberrys are great at getting people their email and have awesome keyboards which is all they really care about.  So next time that new must have product comes out take some time to look at it from a “normal” person’s view.