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How to travel with Electronics

posted Jun 25, 2010, 5:16 AM by Chris Temples
Let’s face it we’ve all had to leave our homes where all our gadgets are only a short outlet away from their life-source.  The road is a dangerous place.  There are few if any outlets, long times between battery charges, and then there’s always the fear of the blinking battery light.  Been in this situation before?  Fear not- here are a few tips on how to survive the wild unknown.

Every travel situation is different.  For example, a long road trip has very different challenges than a plane ride; however there a few general tips that work well for both situations.  The most important thing when traveling is to make sure that all the proper chargers make it on the trip.  There is nothing worse than that sinking feeling you get when your phone or laptop is dying and the charger can’t be found.  

Luckily there is a simple solution to this- make a travel bag.  The travel bag is a easy concept- first, round up all the “must have” gear that comes on every trip.  Then take the spare chargers and place them in a small bag that can just be grabbed on the way out.  If a spare charger is no where to be found- there are couple of options.  The easiest, but potentially the most expensive, is just to go get a extra one.  If you are one a first name basis with the people at the ticket counter this is probably the right choice.  Your second option is to try and get a few universal chargers, like this one.  Since most phones and half the other gadgets are powered by USB ports now, a universal USB charger and a cheap cable will go a long way.  Lastly you can just hope to remember what to bring- i.e make a list.  

Once the travel bag is packed you will have everything you need once you get to your destination.  What about the ride there?  That is where something like the Black and Decker Pocket Power comes in handy. This little beauty can charge your devices via USB, which we know you are carrying because of step one, or via the standard 110V plug.  This spare battery has saved more then one dead battery.  It even has enough power to give your laptop just enough time to save what you are doing.  

Now you have power when you get to where you are going, a spare battery for the long rides without power, but why use your batteries when you can plug in?  The last tip is mostly for airports but could be used anywhere.  Locate and mark power outlets.  A few ways this can be done is via the Tips section in Foursquare, or using Google Buzz.  With Foursquare’s ability to check-in to every gate at an airport, you can just check-in and note where, if any, power outlets there are.  Not only with this give you a little reminder when you travel it will also help your fellow travelers.  

These tips should help you keep you happily chugging along with even your most power hungry devices.