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posted Aug 29, 2011, 5:06 PM by Chris Temples
After watching this video I started to think about bionic humans.  The question I have is if we have bionics like they do in Deus Ex, or any sci-fi movie, would you voluntarily have a limb replaced with a bionic one? My initial reaction was yes! After I thought about it though I was tempted to change my mind.  The thought of having a always one HUD or a super awesome arm is very tempting.  At the same time hacking off a perfectly good arm just seems wrong.  One thing that Science Fiction has taught me that there will be the bionics vs the all natural humans conflicts.  I can perfectly understand why you would get a bionic part if you lost the original one.  However, one intriguing part that they glossed over was the fact that we might be able to regrow any lost parts, think cloning.  Would you then really have a need to get a bionic part?